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Reconstructing tradition while granting it the gift of eternal presence. A Zero-Waste collection of garments personified through the legends held within the outstanding traditional fabrics, embodied in an eclectic reinterpreted design.

Four years ago, Adina Grapa embarked on the most enticing journey - the discovery of the Romanian folklore in all its mystical wonders, resulting in an 8-piece collection that was built to revive and honour the traditional heritage of a country with such a rich and mysterious past.

This path was led by an overwhelming desire for discovery of heritage, of the past, that made a turn into a very personal journey and a further inner-understanding of the inner-self.

Embrace tradition, embrace the truth that lies within the mystical wonders of our astonishing heritage. Find your piece that speaks most to your essence and wear proudly the decades of history while granting it the gift of eternal presence.

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